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Designing emails for dark mode.

As more people adopt dark mode on their devices, it’s becoming increasingly important to design emails that look great in both light and dark mode. Here are some key considerations when designing emails for dark mode:

Use high contrast colors

When designing for dark mode, it’s important to choose colors that provide a strong contrast. Avoid using light colors on dark backgrounds, as this can be hard to read. Instead, opt for bold, high contrast colors that stand out.

Use text and image colors that work in both modes

When designing for dark mode, consider the colors of your text and images carefully. Some colors that look great in light mode may be hard to read or look washed out in dark mode. Choose colors that work well in both modes, and consider using a color scheme that is optimized for dark mode.

Test your emails in both modes

Before sending out an email, it’s important to test it in both light and dark mode. This will help ensure that the email looks great in both modes and that all elements are visible and easy to read. Many email marketing platforms offer a preview feature that allows you to see how your email will look in both modes. If yours doesn’t, try this.

Use a dark mode switch

Consider adding a dark mode switch to your emails, which allows users to switch between light and dark mode. This gives users more control over their viewing experience and can help ensure that your email looks great no matter what mode they are using.

Use alt text for images

When designing for dark mode, it’s important to remember that some users may have images turned off or may be using a screen reader. To ensure that all users can access your content, use alt text for all images, and make sure that it provides a clear description of the image.

Designing emails for viewing in dark mode is becoming increasingly important as more users adopt this mode on their devices. By using high contrast colors, testing your emails in both modes, and using alt text for images, you can ensure that your emails look great. And even better than great: accessible to all users, regardless of their viewing preferences. So, it’s important to keep these considerations in mind when designing your emails to ensure that your content is visually appealing, easy to read, and accessible to all.

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